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Learn More About Lifespan Of A Betta Fish

You want to be especially careful when feeding your fish live food. While your fish will stop eating once it’s got had its fill of frozen or dried food, it is going to continue eating live food before the supply is exhausted inside the tank. A betta will in reality eat before the point of death.

What to give your Betta

Because betta fish are natural surface feeders, you should do your best to make sure your fish begin to see the food because it enters the fish tank. You can do this by dropping the foodstuff in front of his mouth and then there is no mistaking what’s actually occurring.

2. Always maintain a hot and cold levels of 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit for your Betta fish. Although the Bettas can survive in temperatures slightly lower or higher than this, may possibly not be comfortable for the betta fish for sale and could cause sluggishness or hyperactivity with the fishes.

You intend to make sure, always, your fish feed in a highly maintained tank full of fresh water. This can be a crucial part of proper betta fish care since they’re prone to disease and also death from waterborne bacteria caused by an unkept environment.


Care on your Betta properly and they certainly are a treat to observe and provides an interesting addition to any room or office desk. With regular tank maintenance and avoiding over-feeding, your Betta will most likely live the full and happy life.

1. Put only 1 male Betta a single bowl. Do not put male Bettas together. The betta fish for sale fish can also be called the Siamese fighting fish and even, the male Bettas can be very aggressive which enable it to fight the other to death. If you want to take care of Betta, start with only 1 male Betta in a fish bowl.

Bettas are actually best saved in species-only aquariums. Only one male should be kept per tank, mainly because it is well-known that males will fight one another and are quite territorial. They can be territorial towards other slow-moving fish with long fins such as guppies, angelfish or gouramis. Conversely, fish including tetras or barbs will often target Bettas and nip at their fins. Small catfish including Corydoras needs to be fine and definately will actually help eat any food that sinks to the bottom. Males can be kept with females, but that topic (as well as breeding Bettas) needs a whole article on its.

3. Do not overfeed the Betta fish. One from the very important tips that you have to remember in looking after Betta fish is usually to make sure that you don’t feed them over they can eat to the day. The Bettas can continue to eat provided that there is food available which may lead with their deaths also. Keep in mind too the fishes can live a day without meals, thus it may be alright never to feed them inside a day than overfeeding the crooks to death.

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